Top 5 shortcuts for Android

A smartphone is an indispensable element of modern man’s outfit. The ability to treat him became a necessary skill. On the one hand, a huge number of different applications are available to users, on the other hand – to manage them all and searching for installed programs consumes a lot of time. To start the program, you need to perform several actions at once: first you need to close the application window with which you are working now, find the desired program icon, press it, and only after that you can use the application.
Simplify all these actions with special mobile applications for quick access. They are sometimes called “lonchers” (from the English word to launch – run). Such applications can speed up our interaction with the smartphone – they are groups in which you can collect the most common tasks and functions, for example, voice call, text message sending, screen lock and much more.

1. EasyTouch

EasyTouch is one of the most popular shortcut applications. Despite the fact that the application has been running for several years, it is being updated quickly, new versions of it are using the current design of the operating system. Screen settings and shortcuts look as if they came from the Google lab.

The disadvantage of this application, and others, similar to it, is that the quick access button is always visible. Fortunately, the EasyTouch icon is quite “neat” and does not cause irritation. In addition, you can independently change the size and transparency of the icon to make it less intrusive. Also, the advantage of the application is the presence of a variety of themes. EasyTouch allows you to organize quick access to messages, search functions, view your favorite applications, go to the latest jobs, configure your Android device.

EasyTouch is a free application. There are no built-in purchases, but there is advertising.

2. Shorty

This is a button that opens access to five tasks that you can customize on your own. This button is present on the smartphone screen no matter which application you are working with.
For example, in Shorty, you can set one of the five functions to call one of your regular contacts, send a well-prepared text message (for example, “Almost in place”), take a picture with the camera or launch one of the applications.

The cost of the application is $ 0.99.

3. Floating Toolbox

The Floating Toolbox uses a “floating” button, which when clicked gives a list of your favorite applications. The taskbar falls down from the round button, and hides back when you finish working with it. Then disappears and the icon itself, so as not to distract the user’s attention.
The application allows you to customize the transparency, size and color of the icons to your liking.

In the free version, no more than five tasks can be included in the list. Access to advanced settings and other parameters can be obtained by purchasing a pro-version of the program for $ 2.03

4. Simple Shortcuts

Tired of the buttons that occupy part of the screen? Simple Shortcuts is the solution that will come to your rescue. The application is invisibly present “beyond the edge” of the smartphone screen. With your finger to the center of the screen, you will open the panel on which your preferred programs are collected. You can also go directly from the Simple Shortcuts menu to a list of all applications installed on your device.

The minimalistic design of Simple Shortcuts is one of its main advantages. Indeed, nothing should be distracted from the quick access application. Another advantage of Simple Shortcuts is that the capabilities of this application can be extended with plug-ins.

In the application there is advertising, which somewhat spoils the impression of working with the program. To get rid of ads and gain access to more features, you have to pay $ 1.00 for an improved version of the application.

5. Assistive Touch 2

In the Play store, there are a number of applications called Assistive Touch, similar to iOS. Most of them are similar to each other and differ only in appearance.
Assistive Touch 2 from the Assistive Team is one such application. You can organize icons, select different colors and images of the floating button. When we talk about adjusting a smartphone to suit your needs, it often refers to the little things that make working with it more comfortable and convenient, and it’s very good when there are opportunities for such a setting.

The floating button in Assistive Touch 2 contracts, becoming less intrusive. When you click on it, a ring appears, consisting of circles with icons of selected applications. The list of favorite applications Easy Touch is only part of the Assistive Touch 2. The application also provides access to the virtual keyboard, volume, screen and network connections.

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