Top 5 Free Online PDF Converters

PDF (Portable Document Format) is the most popular and convenient format for storing, downloading and exchanging large-format text documents. Download PDF-documents (for example, books, textbooks, instructions) occurs much faster than in the case of their DOC-analogues.

The fact is that the same text “weighs” less if you save it not in DOC, but in PDF format. The main drawback of this format is that it is not intended for editing. However, in some situations this can serve, on the contrary, its advantage: a PDF file is easily protected from copying. Therefore, often there is a need to convert a PDF-document into a format that can be edited, as a rule, it’s DOC, TXT or RTF. Or back.

Introducing the Top 5 online PDF file converters. All of them are free and can convert files from PDF to other formats, and some – vice versa: they can create PDF files.


The site offers a free function to convert PDF files to Word documents and vice versa – Word to PDF. After selecting a PDF document that is to be converted, it will be immediately sent to the site for processing. After the process of converting the file is completed, you can evaluate its results by previewing the Word document directly in the web page window. If the conversion quality is good, you can download the file in RTF format to your computer.

PDFOnline is an absolutely free online tool for converting PDF documents to Word format. It does not “mark” pages of the converted document with watermarks or advertisements, as some services do, forcing users to buy premium access to their service. The quality of the conversion with PDFOnline is quite high – the original document preserves the original content, color, layout, font, etc. True, the conversion of DOC files to Cyrillic is not always correct. At the same time, the conversion of PDF-documents in Russian works quite well. An RTF file will be created at the output.

2. easyPDF Cloud

This tool not only offers free online conversion of PDF files to Word and vice versa (as well as XLS and PPT to PDF), but also supports the merging of multiple files into one PDF document and other functions. To do this, just drag the files to be converted into a special window, after which the pop-up dialog box will display the progress of the process. Once the file conversion is complete, it will appear in the list of files available for download. Next, it remains to determine the location on the computer where the converted file will be placed in .DOCX format.

This service perfectly copes with documents in Russian. In the converted DOC (DOCX) files, the original content and view are retained. In addition, EasyPDFCloud also offers a free cloud file storage service. After registering on the site you will receive a free online document storage and batch file conversion function. EasyPDFCloud is integrated with the Dropbox cloud service and can convert the documents placed in it. To do this, just allow access to the Dropbox account.

And this service is very nice to use: it has a convenient interface, everything is intuitively understandable, and conversion is fast. And also no advertising, nothing jumps, does not flash and does not rattle.


This online tool with Russian and English interface for free converts PDF documents to DOC and DOCX files. To do this, just point to the desired PDF-file and click the “Convert” button – everything else will be done by the service. The service can work with PDF-files – convert them from WORD-documents (and files of other formats) or convert them to DOC- (TXT) -files. In addition, the service allows you to convert a PDF file into a DJVU format. There is also a conversion to FB2 and JPG. In general, the number of supported formats is one of the largest among such web tools.

But its interface is disgusting – “design” at the level of 90x, instead of usability – long instructions for use (this is for the simplest functional!), Moreover it is packed with advertising. But everything is in Russian.

4. Copy PDF To Word

The site for free converts PDF files to DOC or TXT format, and also offers software for converting to personal computers at a price of $ 29.95 per license. After selecting the PDF file, you need to click on the “Convert and Download” button, and after the process is complete – click “Download” to download the converted file to the computer.

The converted MS Word file retains original content and fonts, there are no advertisements and watermarks. However, there are two drawbacks: the converted file gets a random file name and if there are links in the PDF of the document, the underlining of the links will not be displayed correctly (dirty).

5. Zamzar

Zamzar allows you to convert PDF documents into files of various formats, such as .DOC, DOCX, .HTML, .JPG, .EPUB and others. The list of supported file formats for this service is really huge. Zamzar allows you to download files for free conversion of up to 100 MB.

To achieve the goal, you need to take four steps: select PDF, select the final file format, enter a valid email address, click on the “Convert” button, thereby agreeing to the terms of use of the service. After the conversion process is over, a link for downloading a new file will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address specified during registration. For users who use the free conversion function, the converted file is stored on the site 24 hours after sending the message with a download link.

Another good function of this service is the ability to convert a file placed on the Internet by its URL.

The quality and speed of conversion are good, but the size of the final doc-file processed by Zamzar is much larger (5.9 MB) than other free online PDF converters (1-2 MB).

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