Top 10 tricks using Instagram, which you might not know about

A huge number of people around the world today shares moments of their lives with friends and acquaintances, laying out photos on the pages of the Instagram photoblog service. According to the latest estimates, Instagram’s audience has exceeded 400 million active users and continues to grow.

Like other social networks, Instagram is constantly evolving and updating, giving its users more and more opportunities for communication. In this article you will find 10 tricks of Instagram use that will help you become professionals in this social network that will make your social life more diverse, and your publications are interesting and inimitable.

1. Do not be “square”

For a long time one of the features of the experience when working with Instagram was the square shape of the photos. However, last year the service finally abandoned this norm and now you can shoot and upload photos in portrait or landscape orientation.

Now on the image loading screen there is a small icon “Format” (which looks like the frame borders). Clicking on it allows you to switch from a square format to the original orientation of the image and vice versa. This function is very easy to use and allows you to re-submit your photos in a new way.

Now you can use the “golden ratio” for portraits, or enjoy the possibilities of a wide-angle camera lens to share a fantastic landscape.

2. Activate and hide filters

Filters are an important and integral part of Instagram, and periodically developers release new image processing tools. Currently, about 40 different filters are available to users. Agree, choose from this variety is the one that is needed at the moment, on a small screen smartphone – it’s not an easy task, so many filters remain unclaimed. Therefore, in Instagram there is a function that allows you to organize a set of filters, putting aside “by hand” those of them that you use most often.

Scroll the ribbon with the list of filters in the Instagram application to the right to the end – there you will find an icon in the form of a gear with the inscription “Manage”. Click on it to see a list of all available application filters.
Here you can hide unused filters – simply removing them from the mark in the form of a “tick”. In addition, this function allows you to set the order of the filters. To do this, press and hold the icon of the desired filter and move it up or down, depending on the frequency of use.

3. Not a single filter …

Although filters are very important, they are not the only means of editing photos. Most people forget that Instagram is a full-fledged image editor with powerful tools built into the application.

To open an available set of editing tools, on the screen in the image editing mode, click the wrench icon.
You will be able to rotate the image with the “Adjust” tab, change its details using the “Structure” or “Sharpness” features, add shadows or glare in the “Color” section, and even add a shift effect without accessing Photoshop.

4. Mark photos with a hashtag with Autocomplete

By subscribing to photos, users very often add hashtags to them, combining images from different folders and different users with one common theme, regardless of the time of their creation.

The autocomplete feature will help you find the correct hashtag, which will offer tags previously used in the program. Suppose you want to publish a photo of your Labrador. When you start typing #labr, for example, wait a second, and in the drop-down list you will see hashtags (for example, #labradorpup, #labradorpuppy, etc.) that begin with these four letters and that have already been used by other people. You can also see the number of photos marked with each hashtag to select not only the suitable, but also the most popular hashtag.

5. Use the hashtags in the comments

Although there are no restrictions on the number of hashtags in the photo caption, you are unlikely to like the description consisting of a dozen combinations of words with a “grid”. Instead, the “intragrammers” use a tricky trick – they only register a few basic tags (four or five) in the signature. The rest of the hashtags, if necessary, can be added to the first comment. In this case, the autocomplete function is also available to search for the corresponding hashtag. This method will give the description of the image a beautiful and convenient format, without missing any hashtag.

6. When replying, tag the recipients

Remember the simple rule: “When responding to someone, specify a tag with the name of the user to whom the response is addressed.” You in fact receive notices that someone left a comment under your publication? But if you just respond to the comment under it, then the person who left it will not receive a notification that you reacted.

Remember that Instagram is a social service offering a convenient platform for communication of users. And how can you communicate if another person does not know that you are talking to him? To ensure that your answers do not pass the attention of the addressee, it is necessary to tag or mention in it the user to whom they are addressed. There are two ways to do this. First, you can manually enter its name. Secondly, a long press on the comment will bring up a pop-up menu in which you can select the “Reply” function, and the tag with the user name will be automatically added to the comments field.

7. Quick access to the latest images

In Instagram, it is not necessary to use the camera of this particular application to take photographs. There are many programs that allow you to take great pictures. Then you just need to import these photos into Instagram by downloading them from your gallery.

To access the latest camera shots, press and hold the button as a camera in the Instagram window.
A horizontal scroll bar will appear for all the latest images taken with the camera of your gadget. Select the image and it will be automatically downloaded and ready to be edited.

8. Manage your advertising in Instagram

It’s sad, but from advertising in Instagram can not escape. Nevertheless, you can largely remedy the situation and try to manage ads that fall into your tape, actively interacting with them. Agree, advertising, relevant to you, less distracting and annoying when working with the application.

Whenever you see an advertisement that you do not like, click the “Sponsored” button in the upper right corner and select “Hide This”.
Instagram will ask about the reasons why you want to hide this ad, for example, it is, in your opinion, inappropriate, irrelevant or appears too often. After a while, Instagram will “learn” to determine which advertising is more suitable for you.

9. Be social, tag other users and places

Remember, Instagram is a social network, and it is very important for it to involve as many users as possible in communication. If you made a group photo – do not forget to mark friends on it. If you post pictures from a cafe or a notable place, designate your location, if possible, its official hashtag in Instagram.

10. One day – one photo

Twitter and Facebook encourage their users to publish updates as often as possible. But in the case of Instagram, such a strategy can have unpleasant consequences. The study showed that too frequent publications lead to a decrease in the level of involvement of your audience and, as a result, a reduction in the number of followers and likes. Optimal is the magic formula – one day – one photo.

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