iPhone 7 plus has proved to be a table turner in the market since the day it had arrived. Apart from all the other impressive features and functions that this brand new smartphone has to offer, the best the phone has got is the camera. The dual-lens, both of high qualities are sure some catch. The zoom and depth that you get through this phone is a no-match even for some expensive cameras that are available in the market in today’s time. The favorite out of the entire camera features in iPhone 7 plus would be the portrait mode whose quality cannot be compared.

Though a non-professional would be able to take some great pictures through this phone, there are some tricks and tips that can help you achieve the most out of iPhone 7 plus parts.

  • To get some perfect shots from your Apple smartphone, you can always switch between the two lenses that are made available to you. While taking a picture, you can select the lens with which you are willing to take a snap and switch to the other if you don’t like the first one. With the second lens which is the telephoto lens, you can zoom in twice into the picture without damaging the pixels and get a mesmerizing shot within a blink of an eye.
  • Another point that you should remember with this lens is that not only can you zoom into the picture you can even change the subject to object relationship. You can compress space in the photo and give the picture a brand new look. You can also create a shadow depth in the background of the picture and increase the effectiveness of the picture.

Use the tips mentioned above and find yourself a new world of pictures and photography.