Guns of Boom formerly known as Guns of Boom is a first-person, online photo shooter game for mobile devices. It was created and released for iOS and Android on May 18, 2017. Back in the middle of 2018, Guns of Boom has achieved a maximum of 55 million copies in 14 dialects.


This game is a single person type film based online game. Players are classified by different stages in the game. The lowest standard is 50 with teams levelling up through engaging in fights acquiring more knowledge. Trophies are also earned and wasted by the fights of several players. The games are split into two groups of four players each. The match comprises of 5 minutes per match. You can also have guns from other teams once the user kills them.


  • Easy and straightforward commands: take a layout of the match and begin to climb up!
  • Live animation and newer appliance aid: superb views hold you attached to the display, while the demands on equipment stay extremely modest.
  • Engaging PvP fought for a wide range of charts and play types to appreciate team entertainment. The intervention filled with adrenaline will never stop at this game!
  • Customization of character: creating a distinctive character with multiple perks and facilities and finding the ideal feel with hundreds of clothing articles. It’s as simple as ever to create a versatile construction for your game type.
  • Regular releases and activities: you will never be tired with steady product additions, fresh characteristics, and thematic colorful activities. This match continues to play!


The game is a successful FPS game with superb 3D visuals. It’s so straightforward that your cat can know the checks, yet the gap is big enough for professional eSports teams to be interested in very difficult fights in the tournament.