For most people clicking the like button is a fairly thoughtless action. If people like your post, you will believe it’s because they have a meaning and your posts are more interesting than anyone else’s and so we believe that the response is true and authentic even though it isn’t. By putting a picture or buying followers from the best site to buy instagram followers you are putting your judgment and you will obviously look forward to a positive response.

The virtual approach of lives

We are more interested in the virtual likes that keep rolling in than the real-life approvals. The amount of likes we get depends upon the number of followers and following we have and the mountain of social psychology that is happening behind the scene.

Likes are good for business engagements and brand awareness on the social scale but don’t expect them to convert to jumps in revenue unless you are doing something really unique and amazing. Instagram likes and comments is all that matters to people today. But is there anything wrong with craving that virtual attention?

Likes are considered as opinions by many active Instagrammers. People often tend to delete pictures with no likes. Considering other people’s opinions are fact, it will make your self-esteem low. You will start posting such pictures that will give you more likes but that is not you in real life.