In a modern world, people are so used to public transport at the streets they can’t even imagine their city day without buses, trolleybuses and trams. But do you know when the first bus was invented?

Invention of a Bus

The very first passenger bus in the world was invented by Richard Trevithic in 1801. The first demonstration of this bus happened in late December, 1801 in Camborne, England. It was a passenger bus with a steam engine, able to take up to 8 passengers on board at a time. And the very first electric passenger bus appeared in London 85 years later, in 1886. That bus could reach the speed of 11 km per hour.

First Gasoline Passenger Busses

The first passenger bus in the world equipped with the gasoline internal combustion engine was built at the “Benz” factory in Germany, in 1894. It could take 8 passengers through the route of 15 km length between Siegen and Deutz cities. The first gasoline bus in London appeared on the streets in April 1903 with its route distinguished at once.

Nowadays, busses are important parts of everyday lives of the entire humanity. They are everywhere, from the USA to Russia and from Canada to Australia, serving citizens and transferring them inside and between cities or cournries quickly and comfortably. Consider getting the class B CDL to become a professional bus driver.