Bachata originates from Dominican Republic. It is a form of Salsa just like Jazz to America. This Dance is a way to express joy, pain, and suffering. Bachata has kept its authentic essence and evolved over a period of time. Now it’s more romantic, sweeter and also commercial. In Bachata Dance classes, one learns to get close with their dance partner with the help of basic steps and simple turns. It is also known as the most – Sensual Dance. Even in Dominican Republic, many changes have come in this dance form and are improving day by day.

More About The Bachata Dance:

There have been various discussions on Bachata dancing. This dance has three steps with hip motions, followed by half-second pause with a step or a tap. The knees should be slightly bent so the dancer can allow the hips to move freely. It can be done in open or closed position. Dance steps or moves depends on the music (such as urban or traditional). There must be a sensual feeling within while dancing, which helps in the moves. Hand and arm communication is better conveyed when the movements are done by hips and footwork. It is said that – “Bachata dance classes are essential for every Salsa student.” It helps in becoming a well-rounded Latin dancer. With this beginner Bachata Course, one can rock the Salsa floor.

There are basic workshops, which are held before performing any Salsa or Latin dance.

  • Bachata dance classes
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  • Salsa dance classes
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